Telehealth & Virtual Health

MedPath includes telehealth, virtual health and house call tools to support HCPs during their patient appointments

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Millennials & Telemedicine

Don’t Have a Telemedicine System Yet?
Millennials (who currently make 25% of the US population) are incredibly open to the idea of telemedicine.

Some advantages of telemedicine include its time-efficiency, and reduced exposure to illness.

For this reason, the future of telemedicine is exceedingly bright. Many clinics have adopted online healthcare.
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Want the ability to book appointments through an app

Support telemedicine in replacing in-person appointments

Prefer a virtual appointment over an in-person one

The top 3 symptoms millennial patients are more willing to use telehealth services for are colde & flu, pink eye, and rashes.

Telemedicine Patient Intake

Patient Intake Portal

  • Intake patients throught an online patient portal
  • Patient can login and register by completing a request forms within their medical record
  • Accounts can host multiple user profiles to accommodate dependents (children, elderly, etc)
  • Flexible payment options to accommodate insurance or credit card billing

Patients Choose Their HCPs & Schedule the Appointment

  • Patients can choose the best doctor for them by filtering by sumptom or purpose of visit (e.g. birth control prescription)
  • Patients select their doctor, and book an open slot with them
  • Patients fill out a health from to record their purpose of visit

Online Patient Portal

Online Member Portal

Patients may use their portal anytime to:
  • Check their calendar for upcoming/past appointments
  • Review/edit their patient info
  • View notes and documents from past appointments
  • Add/edit member profiles assoiated with their account

Medical History Records

Patients can refer to their medical history and notes for:
  • A full lists of their past appointments
  • Doctor notes for each appointment
  • Attachments on those appointments, such as prescriptions

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