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Use MedPath’s robust cross platform tools to schedule, track (via GPS), & communicate in real time with your house call physicians, nurses and personal support workers.

For tools that support virtual and telehealth, visit
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Practitioner Field App

HCPs Tablet & Phone version

The practitioner view for MedPath is a field service app responsive across tablets and phones. It has online and offline/sync connectivity modes to ensure coverage everywhere.


  • Chat in-app to dispatch to receive and discusss bookings
  • Practitioners can plan their own routes
  • GPS directions to patient locations
  • Practitioner input fields for notes, insurance, and signatures
  • Instant & secure biometric and username login

HCPs have Access to:

  • Patient information
  • Patient symptoms
  • Their booking history
  • Health, records and more

Mobile Solution Powered by

MedPath’s convenient mobile interface for field-management is powered by Resco.net
View your team’s location and appointments on live territory maps, manage their schedules – and more – all in one place.

House Call Dispatch Field Service

House Call Requests Plotted on a Map

  • See patient appointments plotted on territory maps
  • Area heat map changes color to reflect potential HCP-to-patient capacity issues
  • Strategically position your HCPs across the area map
  • Quickly access patient summary information in map view via pop up windows
  • See HCP locations and route progress in real-time

Instant Text Communication

  • Efficiently manage multiple text communications with HCPs
  • Drag-and-drop appointments onto HCP’s schedules
  • Appointment GPS routes are automatically generated and optimized
  • Schedule updates are communicated to HCPs through text

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