Automated Billing & Claim Submission

Efficiently manage billing and insurance claims in bulk with a
variety of tools to meet your specific requirements.

Billing Codes

MedPath comes with state medical billing codes for rapid entry

Revenue Management

Oversee revenue and spending by managing recurring payments and payment plans

Insurance Claims

Generate invoices for, and frequently check up on your submitted claims

Flexible, Rapid

Instant invoice generation allows you to quickly send out claims and bookings

Billing Codes

Built-in billing codes for each state

  • Associate billing codes with patient treatment plans, so each bill produced automatically includes the billing code
  • Medical billing codes are included in the MedPath software toolkit

Submit Billable Bookings

  • Bookings become billable when a HCP has closed the work order
  • Process multiple transactions at a time
  • MedPath’s flexible architecture allows users to choose their own efficient workflows to complete their tasks

Workflow: Submitting Invoices

MedPath’s healthcare practice software toolkit automates most of your payment and invoicing processes. Flexible tools, invoice generation and automatic actions are all at your fingertips with this robust feature.

1. Generate Invoice for a Work Order

  • After a HCP closes the work order, it becomes billable.
  • Select the billable booking you’d like to generate an invoice for, and under the ‘Flow’ dropdown menu, select an action for them.
  • To submit an invoice, select ‘Generate invoice for Booking’.

2. Review Your Draft Claims

  • Before sending theme our, review your draft claims.
  • The generated invocies have moved from the ‘Billable Bookings’ page to the ‘Draft Claims’ page.
  • Review the insurance codes and prices one more time.

3. Send Invoices through MedTel

  • After reviewing your invoices, highlight them and select ‘Send to MedTel’ from the ‘Flow’
  • Payments and billings through MedPath are processed through Medtel,
    a major third-party trusted medical billing

4. Checking Submitted Claims

  • Track your submitted claims with a reference number.
  • MedPath automatically checks the status of your claims every day, and will mark them as ‘approved’ or ‘rejected’.
  • Approved, rejected and more lists can be accessed through the title dropdown menu.

Workflow: Automated Billing

MedPath automates temporary billing and payments for items like contract nurses. Choose your billing/payment method from a variety of flexible options. This feature doesn’t replace payroll software or activities.

1. Manage Your Resources

  • Manage your billable resources from the ‘Active Bookable Resources’ screen
  • Each of these have a profile which include contact information and payment plan

2. Define the Payment Plan

  • Under a resource’s ‘Billing’ info, you can define their payment plan
  • Define their remuneration plan (e.g. Fixed, per activity, hourly)
  • Define whether your company pays them directly, or whether they bill an insurance company
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