The Healthcare Workflow Reimagined

MedPath organizes the intake, service, and billing of your clicnic into an
intuitive workflow. This workflow is divided across four roles:


Intake users manage are the call center of your clinic. They open work orders.


Dispatch views work orders on a map of the area, and sorts them into doctors' schedules.


Healthcare professionals provide healthcare to patients at home and add notes to patient health records.


Administrators have full access to the system, such as billing, records, and user access

Virtual Health & House Calls

Virtual Appointments & Home Visits

  • Intake patients through an online patient portal
  • The patient can login and register by completing forms with
    their medical history
  • Patients select their doctor, and book an open slot with them
  • Accounts may host multiple user profiles in the case of
    dependents(children, elderly)
  • Patients pay either through insurance details, or directly

House Call Intake & Dispatch System

House Call Requests Plotted on a Map

  • Work orders appear as bilips on a map of your area
  • Area heat map charges color to reflect doctor-to-patient ratio per area
  • Work orders display patient information
  • View locations of your doctors live

Build Routes Between Appointments

  • Drag-and-drop work orders onto doctors’ schedules
  • GPS routes are generated between work orders
  • Schedule updates are communicated to doctors through text

Practitioner Field App

HCPs use a Field Service Version

  • The practitioner view for MedPath is a field service app designed for tablets or phones to be mobile
  • GPS directions to patient locations
  • Doctors have access to patient information and health records
  • Input fields for notes, insurance and signatures
  • Functions offline, for areas with low coverage
  • Instant & secure QR code login

Managing Orders & Billing in Batch

Oversee Your Staff, Records & Inventory

  • Over fifteen modules to help your practice stay organized with staff, scheduling, medical records, orders, billing, tasks, inventory and more.
  • Review and send bills and orders in batch
  • Manage security & access
  • Customize the look & branding of MedPath
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