Treatment Plan Management

Ensure your HCPs are checking all the boxes with our
treatment plan checklist.

Choose a
Treatment Plan

Select a treatment plan for a checklist of healthcare items (e.g. administering medication)

HCPs Follow

Treatment plan checklists help your team deliver quality healthcare

Record Patient

Show the positive impact you have on your patients through nurse notes

Home Health Care HCP Task Checklist

1. Select the Healthcare Issue for Treatment

MedPath comes with a list of active incident types with suggested
home health care HCP tasks. Select one from the list, or create a custom one from scratch.

2. Add/Review HCP Tasks

A service is a specific healthcare task a home health care HCP must carry out.
For instance, a ‘breathing assessment’ task may require the HCP to ask the patient to rate their ease of breathing on a scale of 1 to 10, among other things.

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