All-in-one Home
Health Care Provider Management System

  • Supports any HCP (nurses, physicians, personal support workers, etc.)
  • Schedule appointments
  • Dispatch your HCPs
  • Plot routes between appointments
  • Track HCPs and appointments
  • Document medical notes




Manage house-call physicians, nurses and/or personal support workers in real time with call scheduling, GPS tracking, routing, and cloud-based notes.

MedPath is an a-la-carte software that streamlines the home health care field management process.

Build MedPath to Suit Your Needs with Add-on Modules

Telehealth & Virtual

Medical Devices & IoT

Automated Invoicing &

Treatment Plan

COVID-19 constantly affects federal regulations on health checks. Ensure your clinic scores a 100% compliancy rating by automated prompts and treatment plan management.

How it Works

Flexible Plans. Robust Tools. All in One Place.

MedPath works with your EMR and additional Modules
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